Moving on from Rejection

It’s never easy getting past rejection. It can cause us to question ourselves, wonder if we made the wrong decisions or even tempt us to give up. But rejection is not the end of the story. It can be the beginning of a new, exciting path to our destination! Yesterday, I received my first officialContinue reading “Moving on from Rejection”

Rising from a Stumbling Block

“I am not concerned that you have fallen — I am concerned that you arise” Abraham Lincoln When working towards a goal, there will be moments when you may hit a stumbling block. I had a moment like this last Friday when I learned that one of the medical schools I had applied to sent out theirContinue reading “Rising from a Stumbling Block”

See How Much I Love You

When my husband and I got married in 2007, one of the things he pledged to me (aside from a lifetime supply of chocolate) was that he would write me a note every day for the rest of our lives. I was impressed and waited to see if he would pull it off. He wasContinue reading “See How Much I Love You”

The Medical School Journey Continues…A Family Adventure!

“Mummy, is this the paper that will help you become a doctor?” My son Caleb had discovered my stack of practice interview questions on the dining room table. The cover sheet had a picture of a stethoscope on it. I don’t know how he made the connection but it was a powerful moment for meContinue reading “The Medical School Journey Continues…A Family Adventure!”

The MCAT is Officially Done!

I am excited and very relieved that the MCAT is finally over! The day went smoothly. Even though it was very early when I left the house, it was already bright and sunny. Hubby and the kids were sleeping peacefully upstairs. There was no traffic and I found parking with ease. We were a smallContinue reading “The MCAT is Officially Done!”