Enjoying the Simple Things in Life…The Privilege of Being a Mother

Now that the MCAT is over, it’s been nice to turn more of my attention to my family and enjoy the quirky things that the kids say and do. Just the other night, I had an extra long bedtime routine with my son Caleb who is at an age when “why?” is his favorite word and he wants to know the answers to everything. He made me laugh with his funny sense of humor:

Caleb, my smiley, funny munchkin

Caleb, my smiley, funny munchkin

Caleb: “Mummy, why did God make the floor hard?

Mummy, trying to think of a smart answer: “So that we don’t sink“.

Caleb looking pensive: “But if I fall and bump my head, wouldn’t it be better if the floor was soft?”

Mummy: “You raise a good point…

I love how my son thinks!

It was also a lovely night because Caleb wanted to say our bedtime prayer himself. He modified the words and it went something like this: “Dear God, thank you for mummy, daddy, Caleb, Naomi, Kitty and Dog-Dog. Thank you for the water games Naomi and I played today. We had so much fun! Amen!”

Our children drive us nuts sometimes but I love the special moments with the kids that more than make up for the crazy days.  When Caleb notices that I am tired or not feeling well, the first thing he says is “Mummy, do you need a kiss and a hug?” Other days, Caleb will surprise me with compliments  like “Mummy, you look so pretty” or “Mummy, you’re my superhero“. It melts my heart to be enveloped with so much love!

Our little princess Naomi

Our little princess Naomi

I also love the developmental stages the kids go through. Naomi started saying her first English words at around 12 months old, and lately she’s been saying several French words. Her favorite French phrase right now is “c’est quoi ça?”

We went to the Saint Lazare Festival au Galop this weekend to see the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) musical horse ride and despite the intense heat and long line-ups, it was so much fun to see the well-trained horses perform their perfectly coordinated routines.

Yesterday, as I set out four plates for lunch and contemplated the fact that I get to nurture and raise two beautiful children and to share my life with my best friend, I feel truly grateful to be a mother and wife. I thank God for these amazing blessings in my life!

Caleb sporting his funky sunglasses and waiting for the horses to arrive!

Caleb sporting his funky sunglasses and waiting for the horses to arrive!

Saint Lazare Festival au Galop RCMP musical ride.

There they are! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police! (Photo credit: Potential Doctor)