Done with Residency! Officially a Family Doctor!

When I started this blog in 2014, I was contemplating leaving my steady job as a research scientist to go to medical school to pursue a long time dream to become a physician. At times, it seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. How would this work with young kids, my husband working full time and living over an hour away from the nearest medical school?

Obstacles aside, I started medical school in 2016 and thankfully matched to a challenging but great Family Medicine program in 2020. And now in 2022, I am finally done with my training! Doing my entire residency in the context of the COVID pandemic presented its own unique set of challenges but through it all I can say that I have grown in so many positive ways and have met so many wonderful people along the way!

I am excited to be starting my practice as a family doctor with a great team at a clinic close to where I I live. I will first take the summer off to recuperate and spend more time with family and friends before starting my practice.

I am so thankful to my amazing husband for patiently supporting me on this long journey, for my beautiful kids, family and friends who stood by when things got really tough. And to my Heavenly Father for the strength and grace He gave me to persevere.

Remember, our greatest dreams often require some form of sacrifice but with focus and determination, and with key people to support us, we can make it to the end and succeed!

Thank you for following along on this journey!

Graduation party hosted by my awesome friends!

Officially Graduated from Medical School…and Residency Starts Tomorrow!

Malaika Awori

It has been a beautiful past few weeks as I celebrated my graduation from medical school. It was not the conventional graduation ceremony but rather interacting with family and friends in virtual ways and in small gatherings. Even though I was initially disappointed about not having an in-person convocation ceremony this year and being unable to physically see family and friends from overseas, it has turned out to be so special! I have been so encouraged by the love and support I have received from family and friends across the globe! I thank God for His grace and blessings!

I have also been reflecting on how grateful I am to have had 3 months at home with the kids. It was busy with homeschooling, studying for and sitting my licensing exam but there were also so many wonderful moments of rest and relaxation with family and friends. Such precious memories that I will always hold dear! I am thrilled to have been featured on my dear friend Brenda Dogbey’s faith, career and motherhood blog where we discuss my journey to Medicine, as well as tips for balancing motherhood and medical school. Do add her blog to your list of blogs to follow. It is insightful and inspiring!

I am excited to be starting residency this week. Each incoming resident has been assigned a senior resident “buddy” to help us transition to this new phase of our training.  I am also grateful that I will  be co-residents with several of my awesome classmates from medical school. We have our schedules for the year and I will be starting off with a 4-week rotation in Family Medicine and Procedural Skills Clinics with five evening shifts in the ER.

The Medicine Journey continues!

Done With Medical School!

I am happy to announce that I have completed medical school!!! It is a bitter sweet moment as the journey came to a somewhat abrupt end in the wake of social distancing. There were no physical goodbyes to classmates, teachers or mentors and our graduation ceremony was cancelled. I experienced some heartfelt disappointment that I will not get to see beloved family members and friends who were planning to travel to Canada to celebrate graduation with me.

But I am also so thankful that I made it to the end of this medical school journey. It has been a life-changing experience that has stretched me beyond what I thought I could manage. I am so grateful to God, my husband, kids, extended family, friends and readers for supporting me and encouraging me through this journey.

COVID-19 has impacted the world in unimaginable ways, some terrible but some also refreshing and positive. I am very thankful that the timing worked out such that I can be home with my kids, at least until I start residency in July. Homeschooling the kids while attempting to study for my first licensing exam (MCCQE1) has been quite an adventure! More on that in my next post!

Photo: McGill University, Montreal, Canada