When Striving Towards Your Goal Feels Like a Marathon

There is no doubt that medical school sometimes feels like a marathon. There are moments of high energy and exhilaration. There are also moments when we feel like we are running out of fuel. The pace is fast, intense and requires consistent focus. If there is anything I am learning, it is absolutely necessary toContinue reading “When Striving Towards Your Goal Feels Like a Marathon”

Highlights and Lessons Learned from the Second Month of Medical School

The second block of medical school is complete! We just spent the last 5 weeks learning about lung structure, function,  diseases, diagnoses and treatments, interspersed with a few lectures on clinical method, epidemiology and genetics. My favorite parts of this block were the anatomy and histology labs, and learning how to interpret chest X-rays andContinue reading “Highlights and Lessons Learned from the Second Month of Medical School”

How Do People Feel Around You?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about defining what our daily vision is.  The next task was to think about the type of impact we want to have on those around us. When a person has spent time with you, what do they come away with? How do they feel? The answers toContinue reading “How Do People Feel Around You?”

Your Words and Actions Matter

Today, I had a conversation with a stranger that made me smile and reminded me that our words and how we say them can have a powerful impact on others. The stranger was a home insurance agent that I had called to make some updates to my policy. This person was nothing but gracious the entire callContinue reading “Your Words and Actions Matter”

Slaying the Giant and Beating the Odds

The story of David and Goliath is one of my son’s favorites. To him, David is the epitome of bravery,  a young shepherd boy who took down the undefeated giant Goliath with just a handful of stones and a sling. What I love most about this story is the fact that David was the leastContinue reading “Slaying the Giant and Beating the Odds”

10 Tips for Embarking on a New Adventure

Excited to share with you my first guest post over at The Zeit which is a blog with great information on healthy living for your mind and body. My guest post is about tips for embarking on a new adventure. Hope you enjoy reading it! 10 Tips for Embarking on a New Adventure

Opening the Door to Greater Things

Whenever a door closes, another door to greater things opens. When I lost my job as a research scientist while on maternity leave earlier this year, it was a big blow to our family. I had been employed there for the past 9 years fresh out of university and had gotten used to the work cultureContinue reading “Opening the Door to Greater Things”

Dreamer…Keep on Dreaming!

When we have a lofty goal in mind, there can be days when it seems that the dream has been launched exponentially far ahead of you, as if it were placed on a rubber band and flung far beyond what you can see. Nagging doubts can creep in about our ability and our decisions. WhenContinue reading “Dreamer…Keep on Dreaming!”

See How Much I Love You

When my husband and I got married in 2007, one of the things he pledged to me (aside from a lifetime supply of chocolate) was that he would write me a note every day for the rest of our lives. I was impressed and waited to see if he would pull it off. He wasContinue reading “See How Much I Love You”

Support Networks….We Need Them

When going after something as crazy as a dream, we can’t do it alone. We need equally minded, if not more so crazy people to uplift us, challenge us, guide us and to help get us on our way towards our dream. I call these crazy people “support networks”. My decision to pursue medicine hasContinue reading “Support Networks….We Need Them”