Residency Updates: The First 3 Months

The first three months of residency have just flown by!

My first rotation consisted of Family Medicine Clinic with 5 evening shifts in the ER including some weekends. This made for some long, exhausting days but a rewarding experience overall.

My second rotation was in Obstetrics and this definitely stretched me outside of my comfort zone. My responsibilities consisted of helping with deliveries in the case room, seeing patients in triage, post-partum and doing ER consults. The schedule was rigorous and included night shifts and weekends. The most challenging part of the rotation was being away from family. I missed my husband and kids a lot! We found creative ways to treasure special time together and recently enjoyed a beautiful week of vacation together.

My third rotation was another Family Medicine rotation with a focus on Parent-Child. I had the opportunity to care for babies, young children, adolescents and expectant mothers as well as other patients of all ages. There were Youth Clinics, Breastfeeding Clinics, late shifts in Minor Urgent Care and also four 24-hour Obstetrics calls during this rotation.

I especially enjoy my Family Medicine clinic days which consist of seeing my own practice of patients. I am gaining a lot of skills on how to manage my own practice.

I love my Family Medicine Clinic!

In other good news, I passed my first licencing exam (LMCC I), the exam I sat way back in June! The kids are back in school so it’s back to juggling homework, extra-curricular activities with family time, social time and the demands of residency. Thank goodness for my amazing husband who continues to be a wonderful support. I thank God for His grace and ever present help when things get tough!

Overall, I am feeling more confident as a resident compared to my first month. There are still moments of uncertainty and doubts in my abilities but I am grateful to work with an excellent team and to be in a program that has such great support for residents (we have senior resident buddies, Faculty Mentors, Academic Advisors and more). Despite feeling exhausted at times, I love my program and feel so blessed to be on this journey!

Med school update…Loving my clinical rotations!

Hello everyone (and welcome to those who just recently started following my blog!)

The month of January has been a month of transition as I moved out of the classroom and into the hospitals and clinics. This new phase of my training is called “Transition to Clinical Practice”. It is to prepare us for third-year clerkship by giving us exposure to real-life medical settings. At this stage, we do not yet have the  level of responsibility of a third-year student but we are still considered a part of the team which is great!

The first 2 weeks were quite the adjustment as no longer was my medical ‘world’ centered around campus but rather in various hospitals and clinics around the city. I ultimately decided to switch from driving to public transport which was an adjustment in itself! But now I feel much more settled and have come to enjoy the pleasant 1-hour train ride to and from the city. I am using the time to study and catch up on emails.

My husband also came up with the excellent idea of listening to audiobooks which I have been doing during my drive to the train station, subsequent subway commute and walks to the clinic/hospital. It has all turned out really well because I am able to come home earlier than last semester since I do not get stuck in traffic! There is always a bright side to new changes, even if they throw us off at first!

Here are my impressions of the rotations I have done so far:

  1. Family medicine: I liked the variety of cases that I saw and that the family doctor/resident has to have such a breadth of knowledge on many subjects. I am looking forward to gaining more exposure in clerkship.
  2. Neurology: I absolutely loved this rotation! I met wonderful attending physicians, residents and patients. I had a variety of experiences from doing consults in the ER to rounding on patients in the wards, to taking a history and examining patients in the clinics. I also had the chance to visit the electrophysiology lab where the Nerve Conduction and EMG studies are performed. There were plenty of opportunities to review CT and MRI scans. Overall, I found this to be a very intellectually stimulating experience. In addition, the patients I met were truly inspiring and humbling as they battled with debilitating and life-changing conditions. Since there are no core rotations in neurology in 3rd year, I am considering taking an elective in neurology in 4th year.

Other than school, the family is doing very well! We have instituted a new family tradition which is for each of us to say something we are grateful for every night at bed-time.  I also have a journal on my bedside table where I jot down a few things I am grateful for every night. This is really helping me to remain thankful and positive despite the busy and demanding weeks!

What’s next? My next rotation is pediatrics which I’m looking forward to! Will post an update on that in the next few weeks.

Keep striving towards your goals! Be positive in the moment and don’t wait to reach your destination in order to find happiness. It’s about the day-to-day living and what things we can be grateful for on a daily basis!

Thanks for reading!