Clerkship Update: Internal Medicine and General Surgery

Clerkship updates! It’s been a busy past few months! I completed one month each of Internal Medicine (CCU/ER consults) and General Surgery. What I enjoyed the most I really enjoyed doing consults in the ER because I felt it really allowed me to hone my history taking and physical exam skills as well as comeContinue reading “Clerkship Update: Internal Medicine and General Surgery”

Proud Mummy Moment…My Dearest Son is Starting Grade 1

This is just a quick post to document a big milestone in our family’s life today! My wonderful son is starting Grade 1 today and he is absolutely thrilled (while mummy is a bit emotional wondering how this day came so fast!) Here are some pictures from this morning at our home and as weContinue reading “Proud Mummy Moment…My Dearest Son is Starting Grade 1”

A Reason To Smile

Yesterday, after a particularly busy day, I embarked on my long drive home. One of my favorite parts of the trip is the moment when I cross one of the bridges connecting the island of Montreal with the mainland. I always take a sneak peek to my right where I can see luscious green rollingContinue reading “A Reason To Smile”

Getting Closer to the Start of Medical School!

As the start of medical school approaches, I can feel the excitement continuing to rise! This is going to be such an amazing journey! I know it will be very challenging and will stretch me in many ways. I am going to give it my very best effort, knowing that my family, friends and God’s strengthContinue reading “Getting Closer to the Start of Medical School!”

The Privilege of Being a Mother

Today I feel amazingly privileged to be a mother. To see my children laugh and smile, to feel the soft touch of their hands on my cheeks, to feel their tight hugs and sloppy kisses, to witness their abundant curiosity, to watch them grow, learn how to swim or ride a bicycle, to see theirContinue reading “The Privilege of Being a Mother”

When You Have Fallen Face-down

January was a tough month in regards to my medical school applications. I heard back from three more schools and sadly, they did not invite me for an interview.  It felt like one blow after another, like the man in the arena, who is “face-down”. Sharing the news with friends and family was difficult to do. I hadContinue reading “When You Have Fallen Face-down”

Celebration, Friendship and a Walk Down Memory Lane

As I write this post, I hear grunts, giggles and thumping sounds as my son Caleb and my husband roll around in the basement. Every so often, I hear “I’m ready to begin the battle” and “fight!“. In getting caught up in the day-to-day mounds of laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning, I sometimes forget howContinue reading “Celebration, Friendship and a Walk Down Memory Lane”

Enjoying the Simple Things in Life…The Privilege of Being a Mother

Now that the MCAT is over, it’s been nice to turn more of my attention to my family and enjoy the quirky things that the kids say and do. Just the other night, I had an extra long bedtime routine with my son Caleb who is at an age when “why?” is his favorite wordContinue reading “Enjoying the Simple Things in Life…The Privilege of Being a Mother”

Sunday Morning Gratitude

Some days as a mum can be challenging, be it teething toddlers or defiant preschoolers testing their boundaries. We don’t always know what to do when our children are feeling unwell or are misbehaving. Sunday mornings can be particularly frustrating in our household as we try to get out the door on time to makeContinue reading “Sunday Morning Gratitude”