Spring Through the Eyes of a Six Year Old

One of the things I love most about Spring (aside from the majestic Canada Geese returning from their Winter migration), is witnessing the burst of new life that faithfully arrives at the end of each Winter. I am always awed every time I see fresh green leaves emerging from a previously dry, grey branch or delicate sprouts protruding through a layer of old, dried leaves. I can’t help but smile and be reminded that through the darkest of times, there is always a fresh, new beginning.

I would love to share with you these Spring photos taken by my 6 year old daughter during our bike ride through a wooded area close to where we live. Every few minutes into the ride, she would exclaim in wonder at the beauty of nature, stopping to take a snap shot of it. I loved seeing Spring through her eyes, never rushing but simply soaking in the magnificence of creation.