Motherhood Reflections and Big Boy Letters

Today was a simple but enjoyable day with the children. We actually made it through the day with only one fight under our belts and no meltdowns to speak of! I decided in the morning not to focus too much on chores. Sometimes I get so caught up with all that needs to get done around the house!

I spent a good part of the day sitting down on the carpet just watching the kids play. Every so often I became a character in one of their plays. I loved the moment when Caleb was pretending to barbecue on the couch. He assembled a bunch of mega blocks on pillows and announced that they were multicolored potatoes. As he busily flipped the “food” with a spatula, cautiously watching the progress of the food “cooking”, Naomi ambled over to the couch, taking an interest in what Caleb was up to. Caleb promptly stated in a firm voice, “No Namz! It’s hot! Don’t touch! I’m big like a daddy so I’m allowed to do this. But you’re too little!”

I love it when Caleb gets into “big brother” mode! As they continued to putter and wade through the sea of toys that had gradually built up on the living room floor, I continued to watch them. I felt a bit emotional that these two creatures who often drive us nuts, also elicit so much love and joy from my heart!

Caleb proudly showing me his letters

Caleb proudly showing me his letters

The day got even better when Caleb burst into Naomi’s room while I was putting her down for her nap, proudly showing me his attempt at writing letters with a big red marker. I was so proud of him when he showed me the sheet of paper with his letters! He had a big smile on his face!

How did our kids grow up so fast? I can’t believe Caleb will be starting school next year! I still fondly remember bringing newborn Caleb home from the hospital on a hot summer day in 2011, the start of this challenging but beautiful journey called motherhood!

As Naomi slept peacefully upstairs during her nap today and I asked Caleb what he wanted to do for the rest of the afternoon, he wrapped his arms around me and said, “I just want you, mummy!”

Then he asked if he could watch Lego Batman…