Guest Posts and Features

I am grateful to the bloggers who have featured me on their sites or asked me to write for their blogs. It has been a wonderful opportunity and you can find some great information on these blogs. Here are the links to my guest-posts/features:

What Inspires Your Writing? There’s a view at the top of the misty mountain…you just have to climb it

The Zeit: 10 Tips for Embarking on a New Adventure

The Zeit: 8 Keys to a Wholesome Marriage

Wine and Bread: Check out some delicious recipes!

There are so many interesting blogs and websites I have come across on a wide variety of topics. I am just listing a few here that have been particularly informative/inspiring for me and I feel would be of interest/use to others. Enjoy!


Acting Doctor:  An acting professor/actor turned medical student (also known as my big brother) and hoping to pursue neurosurgery chronicles his journey.

Medicine from the Trenches: An informative blog from a currently practicing physician. The name of the blog says it all.

Behind the White Coat: A humorous and heartwarming blog from a currently practicing doctor and mother.

Mothers in Medicine: A group blog with inspiring stories from physician mothers who have been there, done that. A post that I found particularly helpful is this one with positive comments from people who grew up with mothers who were physicians.

Medical Blarg: An informative blog from a current Canadian medical student.


Ruben J. Williams (RJW) Foundation: Focusing on Eastern Africa, the RJW foundation aims to tackle disparities in the provision of surgical healthcare in developing countries.

Save the Mothers: An international organization aimed at improving the health of mothers and babies in developing countries, particularly in regards to safe childbirth.

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