A Walk in the Woods…A Walk Without Borders

Today was a gloriously beautiful day as my daughter and I went for a long walk in our neighborhood. It was a crisp 13 degrees and the sky was a clear blue. Several of the trees lining the streets had already started altering their color from summer green to the customary bright red and orangeContinue reading “A Walk in the Woods…A Walk Without Borders”

Save The Mothers……An Enlightening Conversation

Today was the last session of the ‘Women’s Morning Out’ at my church where we had some invigorating exercise. Since it was the last session of the season, we went all-out bringing a plethora of delicacies to enjoy post-workout. We then had fellowship time where we chatted and prayed for each other for the comingContinue reading “Save The Mothers……An Enlightening Conversation”