The Beauty of Mentorship…A Brother’s Love

When I was growing up, I had the privilege of attending the Johnny Academy. This was not your typical school or institution. This was a valuable one-on-one learning experience with none another than my big brother Jonathan (hence the “Johnny” Academy). He was 13 years old and I was 7 when we first started. ItContinue reading “The Beauty of Mentorship…A Brother’s Love”

How to Put What You Learn into Long Term Memory

Have you ever felt frustrated when you try to commit something to memory but you just can’t seem to remember it after a few days or weeks? Have you ever read a topic over and over only to find that it has disappeared from your mind when you try to recall it? If you’ve beenContinue reading “How to Put What You Learn into Long Term Memory”

Three Mnemonics You Need to Know for the MCAT

The MCAT can be a daunting exam. With the new version of the MCAT now almost double the length of the previous version, and with new topics to study, you may wonder how to get through the mountain of information with your sanity intact. There is plenty of useful information online on how to prepareContinue reading “Three Mnemonics You Need to Know for the MCAT”

It’s Never Too Early to Get Them Interested

Today, I caught a glimpse of what it would be like to have scientific discussions with my children when they are older. And I loved it! I had been studying for the MCAT while my almost 4 year old son was out with daddy, and my daughter was sleeping soundly upstairs. When my son andContinue reading “It’s Never Too Early to Get Them Interested”

The Human Body

As I have been delving into various topics in Biology and Psychology while studying for the MCAT, I can’t help being reminded what an amazing thing the human body is. From intricate cells with numerous organelles each performing a specific function to the higher centers of the brain responsible for our memory and emotions toContinue reading “The Human Body”