Unleashing Your Potential

Unleashing Your Potential

One of the many techniques I use to stay motivated at work is to read inspiring material. I recently finished the book “How to Train Your Brain like an Olympian: Gold Medal Techniques to Unleash Your Potential at Work” by Jean Francois Menard.

I was intrigued by the title. What does the every day worker have to do with Olympic athletes? The author draws many parallels which I found both fascinating and motivating!

Here are just a few points from the book:

  1. Celebrate the small wins: when we have a goal that requires hard-work, sacrifice, and may take a significant amount of time to accomplish, it can seem overwhelming and unattainable. By breaking it down into smaller pieces and acknowledging your efforts in completing even just one step towards that goal, this will keep you motivated to keep going
  2. Failing does not make you a failure: Failing does not mean the end. It is merely a temporary setback that can be overcome and from which we can grow.
  3. Challenging goals: if we are not finding the journey towards a goal difficult or if we do not face any struggles along the way, the goal is not challenging enough for us to grow!

We are not always in control of our situation but we can choose how we respond to the circumstances we face. We can decide on our attitude and work ethic.

2 thoughts on “Unleashing Your Potential

  1. Sounds like a good book!
    I relate strongly to your last paragraph; we can CHOOSE how to respond to the circumstances we face. We can DECIDE what our attitude will be. This is a very important thing to learn in life and I feel many people never get it.
    Life is TOUGH! Too many young people expect a picnic and are shattered when reality strikes!

    Thanks for the food for thought!

    Catherine Wilson

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