Officially Graduated from Medical School…and Residency Starts Tomorrow!

Malaika Awori

It has been a beautiful past few weeks as I celebrated my graduation from medical school. It was not the conventional graduation ceremony but rather interacting with family and friends in virtual ways and in small gatherings. Even though I was initially disappointed about not having an in-person convocation ceremony this year and being unable to physically see family and friends from overseas, it has turned out to be so special! I have been so encouraged by the love and support I have received from family and friends across the globe! I thank God for His grace and blessings!

I have also been reflecting on how grateful I am to have had 3 months at home with the kids. It was busy with homeschooling, studying for and sitting my licensing exam but there were also so many wonderful moments of rest and relaxation with family and friends. Such precious memories that I will always hold dear! I am thrilled to have been featured on my dear friend Brenda Dogbey’s faith, career and motherhood blog where we discuss my journey to Medicine, as well as tips for balancing motherhood and medical school. Do add her blog to your list of blogs to follow. It is insightful and inspiring!

I am excited to be starting residency this week. Each incoming resident has been assigned a senior resident “buddy” to help us transition to this new phase of our training.Β  I am also grateful that I willΒ  be co-residents with several of my awesome classmates from medical school. We have our schedules for the year and I will be starting off with a 4-week rotation in Family Medicine and Procedural Skills Clinics with five evening shifts in the ER.

The Medicine Journey continues!

25 thoughts on “Officially Graduated from Medical School…and Residency Starts Tomorrow!

  1. I love your writing and I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. I have followed your career since you decided to enter medicine and medical school. Do realize that these graduation ceremonies are not very important but will come and go. What is important is soaking up every minute of experience and knowledge from residency, that will help you be the physician I know you will be, an excellent one. Keep updating us and Congratulations!!! Your journey continues.

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  2. Hi Malaika! How was your first day of residency? I love reading about your journey! Keep us posted! Congratulations again for your graduation! Have a wondeful day!

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    • Hi Marie-Eve! Thanks for checking in 😊 First 2 days of residency went well. It was orientation via Zoom so we were soaking in a lot of information! Hope you and the family are well! ❀️


  3. I am so happy for you. I still remember reading your post about you being accepted in medical school four years ago. How time has passed so quickly. Good luck in your residency. I work with many family medicine residents at Queen’s university. I hope our paths may cross in the future and meet you in person. So inspiring!

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