White Coat Ceremony…Donning the Healer’s Habit

White Coat Ceremony…Donning the Healer’s Habit

Today was a very special day as my classmates and I celebrated a milestone in our medical training…The White Coat Ceremony! It was a beautiful and inspiring ceremony as we reflected on the next phase of our training, the moments when we will get to experience the triumphs and challenges of helping our patients navigate their illness.

In January, we will be transitioning into clinical practice which is when we will begin observational hospital rotations (alongside lectures and small groups) before beginning our official rotations in the 3rd year of medical school. I am very grateful that our curriculum offers us this opportunity to gradually transition into the world of clinical practice as we wrap up our Fundamentals of Medicine block in December.

Today was a reminder of the immense challenges ahead, but also what an incredible privilege it is to be in this profession.


My amazing, supportive husband by my side
White Coat Ceremony!
FullSizeRender (2)
Going on stage to receive my White Coat. So humbled and proud to be a part of the medical profession


5 thoughts on “White Coat Ceremony…Donning the Healer’s Habit

  1. Congratulations!! I’m very proud of you and may you continue to excel in your studies. And I already believe you will be, no are an amazing doctor. You were born to do this, your passion and never losing sight of what you aspired to do as you have shared with us as your readers, tells me that. Cheers!!

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your encouragement! Your words really warmed my heart and added to my motivation! Thank you!!! I still have a long way to go but it really helps to have so much support and encouragement from people like you! God bless you and have a fantastic week!


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