Glorious Sunset

Glorious Sunset

One of the things I love most about where we live is getting to experience beautiful sunsets, particularly after fresh snow has fallen and the pink-purple rays of the sun cast a magnificent contrast to the gleaming white flakes of snow. I took these pictures from our dining room last night as my family and I settled down to eat supper, thankful that we live in a safe and beautiful neighborhood where my children are thriving.


7 thoughts on “Glorious Sunset

  1. O Canada! I didn’t know you were also a photographer! 🙂

    The view of the sunset with its gorgeous, pink-purple, hue captures the imagination. The cosmos, with its inherent secrets—though providing telltale clues to a selected few—demands that the rest of us make a quantum leap to fathom, much less appreciate, its complexity. Instead, offering us earthlings a microcosm of its vastness—part poetic, part punishment to dare observe its finer details with the naked eyes.

    Have a great weekend!


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