A Reason To Smile

Yesterday, after a particularly busy day, I embarked on my long drive home. One of my favorite parts of the trip is the moment when I cross one of the bridges connecting the island of Montreal with the mainland. I always take a sneak peek to my right where I can see luscious green rolling hills, wavy water and specks of white sails belonging to the numerous boats making their way leisurely through the water.

It is at that moment that I take a deep breath and smile as I anticipate seeing the smiling faces of my children waiting for me at home. Often, my husband and kids will call me on my drive home simply to say that they are looking forward to seeing me soon and that they love me. Those moments always give me extra strength and remind me of how much I have to be grateful for.

When mummy pulls into the driveway, after a busy day at medical school, I see excited young faces at the window, I hear the door bursting open and two little beings yelling with joy as they run into my arms shouting “Mummy you’re home”.

My mind flashes back to when I was five years old, and I used to rush into my late father’s arms when he would come home from a long work day at the hospital. I remember him swirling me around and around, him biting back his fatigue so he could spend some special moments with me.

Thirty years later, I am in a similar position with my children and I absolutely love the fact that I get to come home to them and that their excitement and joy remind me of how much I am loved and appreciated.

My husband and children give me a reason to smile everyday!




Published by Potential Doctor

Welcome to my blog! I'm a married mother-of-two who is journeying through medical school. I share my life experiences and interests on this blog including my hobbies, recipes, fitness, faith, music and more! I also share my experiences in medical school and my attempts at balancing this with raising a family. It's a challenge but it can be done! Whatever you hope to achieve in this life, do not let circumstances or age stop you. There may be delays and disappointments along the way, but with time you will get there!

4 thoughts on “A Reason To Smile

  1. What an elegant and thoughtful post Malaika!

    In the spirit of beautiful Montreal, Canada: Merci pour ton blog qui n’atténue pas les dures réalités de la vie, mais, néanmoins, continue d’inspirer!

    Permets-moi donc de savourer ce moment car, je me rapelle encore (pour les dix milliers de fois) que je suis chanceux de vivre des expériences similaires des tiens!

    À la prochaine! 🙂

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    1. Merci beaucoup Kenel! Tu es très gentil! Je suis contente que mon blog continue de t’inspirer. Est-ce que tu as visité Montréal? Il y a beaucoup de choses à faire pendant l’été, comme le festival de jazz. C’est très amusant! Je te souhaite une bonne fin de semaine!

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  2. Malaika, que c’est magnifique l’image vive et alléchante de Montréal (que tu partages à travers des lignes qui saisissent tes lecteurs (moi, en tout cas) sur lesquelles je me laisse déjà ballader, tout en imaginant des lieux historiques dont j’aimerais tant visiter avec ma famille!

    Bien que je n’aie jamais visité Montréal, grace à mais amis d’enfance (dont une copine) au lycée et l’internet, je suis certain de sa beauté. Aussi, j’ai reçu un autographe de la mega star Céline Dion (l’une de mes chanteuses favorites et en plus, Québécoise) qui possédait une maison à Palm Beach, en Floride. Apparemment, un paragraph ou deux de mon livret d’amateur (dont elle figurait) l’a beaucoup plu. Ceci, après ces derniers (elle et feu son époux) visitaient l’office tandis que j’ètais au boulot.

    Vis-à-vis le festival de Jazz, arrêter déjà! 🙂
    Que j’adore le jazz, surtout sous le soleil agréable canadien!

    Je te souhaite un merveilleux week-end avec ta famille!

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