Getting Closer to the Start of Medical School!

As the start of medical school approaches, I can feel the excitement continuing to rise! This is going to be such an amazing journey! I know it will be very challenging and will stretch me in many ways. I am going to give it my very best effort, knowing that my family, friends and God’s strength will help to sustain me through the upcoming long journey!

Since my last medical school update, we have managed to get a lot done:

  • Take Basic Life Support class (CPR and AED): Done! Very useful course that I think everyone should learn!
  • Update immunizations: mostly completed. Pending 2 reports following a chicken-pox titre test and chest X-Ray. Two more tetanus shots will be done in August and February.
  • Financing my medical education: meet with the bank (done, credit-line approved!), apply for government financial aid (done, waiting for my application to be processed) and scholarships (done, and I’m happy to announce that I received a scholarship that will go towards part of my first year of tuition!)
  • Look for a second-hand car to commute 5o minutes downtown: done! We got a fuel-efficient 2012 Toyota Yaris with only 13,000 kms on it for less than half the price of a new car!
  • Register for classes: Registration opened yesterday! It’s so thrilling to see what courses I will be starting off with (trying not to be fazed that the number of courses and credits are almost double what I did per semester during my undergraduate degree. I have been told medical school is like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant!!)

So all in all, things are falling into place and I feel truly grateful to God for this amazing opportunity to study medicine and hopefully make a difference in the lives of my future patients!


Registering for my medical school courses Fall 2016!!


22 thoughts on “Getting Closer to the Start of Medical School!

  1. AWESOME, how are you? Haven’t heard from you in a while. Guess you’ve been a bit busy. 🙂 I’m Jeanette from It’s my alternate site. Be wary of the vaccinations. The tetanus now is not tetanus toxoid like it was many years ago. It contains diphtheria and pertussis too. Don’t know why they feel they have to inoculate us with that but in the US there hasn’t been any of those for MANY years. I recently stepped on a rusty roofing nail at one of my patients homes. They didn’t have tetanus toxoid and only the above mentioned combinations and my pharmacy was having a hard time getting it as well. They still make it but hard to get. After three days I thought well, no sign of tetanus. So I told the pharmacy to rip up the Rx. SO EXCITED for you. Much success in med school . 🙂 God bless you. Jeanette

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    • Hi Jeanette! I am well thank you! I actually did repeat the DPT because I did not have my childhood vaccination records here with me. I am ok with that as I would prefer not to get sick with any of those diseases or put others at risk (apparently the pertussis protection runs out after 10 years or so and a booster is recommended in some places). As per my vaccination schedule, the next two shots will be tetanus only. Thank you for the heads up though and thanks so much for your encouragement. It’s very nice to hear from you! Have a beautiful day! 😊


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