Family Celebrations…and Summer Planning for Medical School!

Last week was a beautiful week in many ways. After finding out about my medical school acceptance, I spent a wonderful day on Wednesday with my son Caleb secretly making banana and chocolate-chip muffins and designing birthday cards for my husband whose birthday was on Thursday.


My trusty assistant helping me to make muffins for daddy’s birthday


My husband and I also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary on his birthday (yes, we got married on his birthday and now he can never forget the date of our anniversary!). Thirteen years ago, he asked me to be his girlfriend in my native Swahili language after requesting the translation from the Kenya High Commission (embassy) in Ottawa. It was such a beautiful surprise and we have experienced so many adventures together along the way. Despite the challenges of marriage and parenting, my husband has helped me grow in so many ways and I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful person who respects me and loves me unconditionally.

We spent our anniversary by going out for brunch at our favorite restaurant and then out to see the new Captain America movie at the cinema. It was fun! We also brainstormed the logistics of the next few months in preparation for medical school. I just love how enthusiastic my husband is about embarking on this new journey with me!

On Friday, we attended orientation at Caleb’s new school. Yes, that’s right! My little man is starting Kindergarten one week after I start medical school in August! He is so excited about starting school! We were very impressed with his school and how passionate the teachers and principal are. We know he will be in good hands. He will learn primarily in French from Kindergarten to Grade 4 and then switch to 50% English/50% French. He is already bilingual and I’m so happy that he will have the opportunity to improve on his grasp of the French and English languages.

All through last week, I received supportive messages from friends and family and also from some of my future classmates who sound so enthusiastic about this new journey. I look forward to meeting them in person!

This is on my to-do list in preparation for medical school:

  • Take Basic Life Support class (CPR and AED): scheduled for early June
  • Update immunizations: scheduled for mid-June
  • Financing my medical education: meet with the bank, apply for government financial aid and scholarships.
  • Look for a second-hand car to commute 5o minutes downtown: we decided that public transport would take too much time since I would need to take 2 buses and a train to get to school. I want to be very efficient so that I can maximize time for the family.
  • Parking permit: Fortunately, I am eligible to park in the building where most of my classes will be because of how far I live from the university and because I have young children. My parking permit is reserved. I just have to pick it up and pay for it in mid-August.

I am so grateful that I get to have a full summer with my family before beginning medical school. I know our lives are about to change drastically. I know the road will be long and challenging. But I am really looking forward to the fascinating things I will learn and also to the forging of wonderful new friendships.

14 thoughts on “Family Celebrations…and Summer Planning for Medical School!

    • Thank you so much Renxkyoko! I found out last Monday (you can read my previous post for more details) and we are so excited! Still absorbing it all! So happy! Thanks for all your encouragement. Have a fantastic day 🙂


  1. I am so happy for you! All things are possible with God and he has your back! Holy Spirit will be with you every step of the way! May you and your family be blessed in every way as you prepare for all the wonderful new changes!!

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  2. I am so excited for you! it will be amazing. Challenging yes, but amazing!! I believe in you. Time will fly, before you know it we will be talking about applying for residency! Remember God is in control and His timing is perfect.

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    • Thank you so much my dear friend! Nice to see you blogging again. You really inspire me with your hard work and dedication! You are so right that God is in control and he has the perfect plan! God bless you in all your endeavors! 🙂

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