My Medical School Interview is Done!

Med interview

Ready for my med school interview

Yesterday, I had an amazing day as I went through my medical school interview experience. After an intense few weeks of preparation, it was finally time to face the interview! The venue was downtown, 50 minutes away from our house. My husband and children (my cheering squad) were eager to accompany me to the interview so they got up bright and early with me to make it downtown for 7am. We arrived well in advance and I got to chat with other interviewees.

As the interview day organizers came to collect us nervous interviewees from the lobby, I kissed and hugged my family good bye and proceeded to the check-in location. I was thankfully assigned to the first group of the morning and after a quick debriefing, we went to start our interviews. It was in Multiple-Mini-Interview (MMI) format with 10 different interview stations. Despite my initial nervousness, it was a fantastic experience. It’s difficult to know how I performed but I really enjoyed it and felt that it stretched me out of my comfort zone.

Even in those especially challenging moments when I felt unsure of how to answer the question, I prayed for strength and was encompassed by such a sense of boldness and confidence. I felt God’s presence with me helping me to be calm and at peace. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the interviewers, actors and the other interviewees.

It was stimulating hearing about people’s stories and their diverse backgrounds. The whole event was very well organized and there was something so energizing about being around people with similar goals and aspirations. The admissions decisions will be released on May 12th when I will find out if I have been accepted to medical school!

Through all of this, I am just so grateful to have made it this far. I have received overwhelming support from my church, friends and family who have been encouraging me and praying with me for months. No matter what happens on May 12th, it has been an amazing ride and my faith has grown in so many ways through this whole process. I’m excited!


23 thoughts on “My Medical School Interview is Done!

  1. A long journey eventually gets shorter. You contemplated medicine but you put family first and worked as a biochemist. The dream never faded and you got back in the grind of preparing for the MCAT (oh! and your blog went live!). You sat for the MCAT (when I discovered your blog) > you then overwhelmingly conquered this mighty exam > you inspired others > you shared with us wonderful kitchen recipes > then your beautiful children really put things in perspective > family, friends cheered you on > then came med school rejections (not-so unexpected given greater preference for their locals [in-state students]… still, it can be tough).

    One thing was never in doubt: you’d get an interview at the most competitive Canadian school (and the best situation for your family)! Fast-forward to actually interviewing. What can I say? You put in the time and your dreams of matriculating into medical school is unfolding before your eyes. I think on May 12th, you’ll be one happy spouse, “mama”, sister and blogger! You’d have deserved it and I think you’ll be a fantastic OBGYN/surgeon!

    I replay the scenario in slow-mo and with strong motivational songs… I almost want to take the medical school journey with you: a dose of humility never an afterthought. (long reply, probably eschewing blogging etiquette… :))

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    • Wow! What a great summary of my journey. Thanks so much for following it and encouraging me along the way! I don’t mind long blog comments at all 😊 Have a beautiful day Kenel! All the best with your studies!

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