Living a Life of Purpose and Vision

I read an inspiring blog post last week on the importance of the vision we have for our lives. What really motivated me about this post was the challenge to focus on and apply your vision on a daily basis.

Most of us have goals in mind. Some of them may require months if not years of effort to achieve. But what do we do in the mean time? How do we tackle life on a day-to-day basis? Our vision is not just limited to that goal we want to achieve at some point in the future. It is a daily experience that can help us to keep our focus and to live more fulfilled, purposeful lives.

This post asks us to consider three words that describe your vision. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just three words so I decided to come up with 3 concepts that encompass my vision for how I want to live my daily life. Try this exercise for yourself and see what words you come up with, particularly if you are grappling with a lack of direction or purpose at this present moment:

  1. Positive Attitude and Gratitude: On a daily basis, I am aiming to focus on the positive side of my circumstances and to reflect on a few things that I am grateful for. Today, it was simply the beautiful, crisp, fresh snow that I woke up to in the morning. It was breathtaking.  As I folded my children’s laundry, I looked at my son’s bright red Cars T-shirt and my daughter’s favorite rabbit shirt and contemplated the gift of having two beautiful children in my life.
  2. Excellence, Discipline and Perseverance: In my current stage of life, my main focus is child-rearing and family life. Having had a professional career prior to this, there are days when dishes and laundry can seem mundane. Does it really matter if I try to keep the kitchen tidy? Who’s going to notice anyway? I’m realizing though that it’s not so much about the tidiness level as to the heart behind it and the effort put in. If I keep in the habit of giving every task I undertake my very best (no matter how menial it may seem), I am training myself to give my best in all areas of my life, including my future goals. This requires discipline and perseverance. There are days it is difficult and I fall short. But I have to get back up and try my best, no matter what the task is.
  3. God and Faith: I grew up in a Christian environment and culture in Africa so faith is an important part of who I am. I find that daily devotions and quiet time to sing, pray, read and reflect are nourishing to my soul and remind me that I am not facing life on my own strength but with One who is greater than I am.

I found this exercise in defining ‘daily vision’ quite enlightening because it helped me to identify a general approach to life which can be applied to any future goal, be it living a more healthy lifestyle, starting a new project or simply dealing with the daily stresses and hassles of life.

Once you have identified your vision, the next exercise is to think about how people feel when they spend time with you. What impact do you want to have on their lives? I will share what I personally came up with in a subsequent post. Thank you for reading and I hope you are that much closer to thinking about how you want to experience your daily life!

(Thank you to Dax Murphy for his motivational post that inspired me to write this!)

13 thoughts on “Living a Life of Purpose and Vision

  1. Wonderful post Kalu! Bringing the vision to the everyday is a poignant concept. I also appreciated your response to the question “Who will notice?” as an opportunity to ingrain an excellent habit . . . thanks for a great post!

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    • Thank you very much JB! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I felt by writing about it, I could also hold myself accountable to stick to my vision and goals! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Thank you for this very enlightening post, I so much enjoyed reading your thoughts on the question of meaning in our daily lives. I think about this often and at my stage in life, (66) I am asking myself what do I still want to achieve, and it is just that, to live on a daily basis giving meaning to simple everyday situations and happenings, to spread kindness, calm, and sanity all around me in this increasingly chaotic and for many difficult world. Warm greetings.

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  3. Malaika, I applaud you for always having a positive thought. This is a much needed exercise for me, so thank you for sharing! You have excellent points. Sometimes we can believe in a goal so much that we don’t pay much attention to our daily approach towards this accomplishment. It becomes a race and we can burn our energy right through the process. I’m happy that your children are keeping you focused (bless them). Great post! Sending you hugs.

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    • That’s so sweet of you Yadei. Thank you for your insightful and encouraging words. I always look forward to hearing from you and receiving your feedback. Many hugs and much love to you! 😊

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