A Birthday Celebration…A Little Girl Turns Two

My dear precious daughter, I can’t believe that you are 2 years old already. We can see so much of your personality and interests showing. You have an excellent command of language. You love books, music, dancing and coloring. You love to run and climb.


The birthday girl

You are a bit shy of strangers but you love to take care of people and keep everything organized. You are the first one to bring us our coats, hats and gloves while you “order” us to get dressed. If anything is out of place, you point it out and want it fixed or corrected. You are very independent, trying to do things yourself. You make us laugh with your funny antics and dance moves!

You also have a sensitive side. It bothers you if you see your big brother crying or if our cat is “meowing” because she’s hungry. You are very conscious of how others are feeling, “Mummy, tired?”

You absolutely love your stuffed animals and you have an elaborate bedtime routine for them. The top 2 animals that go almost everywhere with you are two giraffes (better known as “Raf one” and “Other raf”)

All-in-all, you have been such a welcome addition to our family. You are so calm, gentle, sweet and thoughtful, Naomi. You have your challenging moments like any child does but you continue to teach us so much about ourselves and have brought so much joy into our household. Happy 2nd birthday Naomi! We love you!


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