Moving on from Rejection

It’s never easy getting past rejection. It can cause us to question ourselves, wonder if we made the wrong decisions or even tempt us to give up. But rejection is not the end of the story. It can be the beginning of a new, exciting path to our destination!

Yesterday, I received my first official rejection letter from the 5 medical schools I applied to. There was something about seeing the words “I regret to inform you…” that was so stark and disappointing. Yet, at the same time, it gave me a sense of closure and peace that this avenue had closed and it was time to turn my mind to other paths.

In the past, I would have viewed this rejection letter as a personal failure and stewed over it for some time.  Now, I am learning more and more to turn to God for His strength in my weak moments and trusting in His grace to see me through life’s disappointments and struggles. And I am reminded that obstacles and closed doors are part of the journey of perseverance and staying the course.

I have confidence in my ability to get into medical school and I am so grateful for my friends, family and readers who continue to support me on my quest to becoming a doctor. No matter how long it takes, I plan to get there one day!

My husband called me from work shortly after I received the letter to check on how I was doing, “We keep going, I’m behind you all the way“.

My brother sent me an email.”We proceed. You will go to the place that sees and places full value on you. There you will be celebrated and thrive. Tuendelee! We’ll get there!”

So as I wait until January 2016 to hear back from the other medical schools I applied to, I take comfort in knowing that God has the perfect plan for me and it will all work out as it should. In the meantime, I have innumerable blessings that I am grateful for and that I plan to enjoy!

If you have a goal, particularly one that is taking a long time to achieve, don’t let rejection or delays stop you from persevering. Keep going! Once we get to our destination, it will be all the more sweeter for the challenges we were able to overcome to get there!


31 thoughts on “Moving on from Rejection

  1. You have a wonderful and positive attitude. I’ve been rejected for jobs in the past, and the only regret that I have is that they didn’t tell me where they thought my deficiencies were. As a result, I used that in youth sports as a motivation. I was sure to tell the parents of the children how I thought the children could perform better with certain drills.

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    • Thank you so much Rob for your encouragement! I agree with you that it would be so helpful to know what our deficiencies were. Then we can make improvements. I believe this is something I can find out if I call the school. Sometimes, it is just a case of there being too much competition for just a few spots or perhaps it was not a good match. Thanks for sharing your story of how you turned your rejection into something positive for the children you taught. That’s really inspiring! 🙂


  2. Let me share a personal story. I was rejected from many colleges when I wanted to pursue my accounting degree. I finally got into a college on my last and final attempt and did quite well in my classes. You have the right attitude! Keep your faith and never give up! 🙂

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  3. Keep at it Malaika! You are an amazing woman/wife/mom and so much more. You are someone that everyone admires for this big step you have taken, so do not give up. Everything happens for a reason. It’s sometimes hard to accept, but know it’s all part of a bigger plan. I truly believe that.

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  4. I love that you took the position of a fighter who never gives up, Malaika. It shows your emotional maturity and it also shows that you got what it takes to get there, and you will. There are 4 other options right there that could bring you good news. Head up and look straight ahead – the future is bright, and your perseverance and hard work will get you there. Hugs and best wishes!

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  5. Malaika,

    Today, Thanksgiving Day, I have a lot to be thankful for. Among them is appreciating that there are people like you whose resolve motivate me to stay in the moment. Whose passion and talents compel me to tap into my own; and whose “soft skills” embody basic prerequisites of any future professional. Here’s to a successful 2016 medical school application.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • Wow! Thank you for such thoughtful, inspiring words Kenel! I am very encouraged by them! Thank you for continuing to support me on this quest. It means a lot! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

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  7. Hey. Malaika. Such is the med school process. More often than not it comes down to competition…always more people than there are spots, and everyone who applies is qualified. But if its what you want, don’t give up and keep trying 🙂 — from your fellow childhood “sprint” buddy 😉

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    • Wow! Thanks so much for checking in Rosebella! So lovely to hear from you after all this time. I appreciate your encouraging and candid words! I hope all is well with you….great Msongari memories!


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