Lost and Found…Another Look at the Shepherd

This week, one of my goals was to get up early before the rest of the family to have my devotional time. It has been going really well. Sometimes I hear my daughter babbling in the monitor. No matter how light I try to keep my footsteps, it’s almost like she senses I am awake. Knowing that she’s happy to play in her crib for at least 30 minutes before she yells for mummy, I head down to the basement where it’s quiet and have been enjoying my time singing, praying, reading and writing.

I am finishing up the book by Phillip Keller on the real-life shepherd’s perspective of the “Good Shepherd” and I love the analogy of God as the doorway:”It is through him that we enjoy a magnificent inner security and through him that we go out to engage in an adventurous life of new-found freedom under his direction” [page 88-89].

This theme of the Good Shepherd reminds me of another story in the Bible of the shepherd who goes out to look for one missing sheep. I find it amazing that although this shepherd already has 99 sheep, he braves the elements and goes out to look for this one lost sheep. In the grand scheme of things, losing one sheep would probably not have made a big difference to his state of wealth or to the rest of the herd. Yet, this one sheep mattered to him enough to leave the rest of the herd and go look for it.

It reminds me of the magnitude of God’s love for me. I matter in his eyes and even in those moments when I feel like I am losing my way, he always finds me and brings me back to safety.

Image courtesy of Dr Joseph Valks at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Dr Joseph Valks at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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