The MCAT is Officially Done!

The MCAT is Officially Done!

I am excited and very relieved that the MCAT is finally over! The day went smoothly. Even though it was very early when I left the house, it was already bright and sunny. Hubby and the kids were sleeping peacefully upstairs. There was no traffic and I found parking with ease. We were a small group of about 10 examinees at this testing center and I got to talk to some really great people. It was nice to have a common goal, together facing the nervousness and the marathon ahead. It’s amazing to think that months of studying culminated in an almost 7 hour long exam. I did my best on the exam and I am trusting in God that it will turn out well. Ultimately, I really believe that my family and I will end up at the right medical school.

After the exam, I got back home to two little munchkins hugging my legs excitedly and hubby holding up a home-made “we love you” sign. I felt like a queen being welcomed back from an exotic voyage on the high seas! A huge load has been lifted from my mind now that the exam is over. We can once again see what the dining table looks like now that there are no papers, exam prep books and flash cards strewn across it! (I have a study desk in the basement but I often ended up studying at the dining table where I have a nice view of the sunny backyard). Now, I have to be patient as I wait for my MCAT results to come out in early September.

Being nerdy, I think I will actually miss studying. So, to keep my mind active, here’s the latest addition to my reading list that I plan to get started on tomorrow.


And the plan for this evening? The kids are in bed and it’s time to snuggle with hubby on the couch and watch a movie. The journey to medical school continues. I am so happy to be making progress towards my goal of becoming a doctor! Keep your dreams alive!

21 thoughts on “The MCAT is Officially Done!

    1. Welcome to my blog! There are different ways to prepare for the MCAT but I will share a blog post soon on the techniques and resources I used. Thanks for visiting:)


  1. Be very proud of yourself, everyone else is! Your dedication and hard work will take you where you want to go, I believe it!
    Way to go, MCAT complete!

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    1. Thanks so much Elaine (to both you and Avi) for your faith in me! I really believe this is going to happen too! I truly feel like it’s the right time! One step at a time and we will get there! Thanks again 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of support! I am inspired by your journey too. It is a long road but I am confident we will both get there eventually! 😊


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