Even When the Numbers Don’t Add Up…Go for It!

In the past few weeks, I’ve posted about not being intimidated by your circumstances and also about confronting your fears so you can achieve your goals and dreams. Today, I’d like to talk about going for something even when it doesn’t seem to make sense from looking at the statistics.

Applying to medical school is a very competitive process. Many very intelligent, all-rounded applicants are vying for a select number of spots.This really hit home for me because the number of spots available to me personally are even more limited by the fact that I am applying to schools as an out-of-province or non-traditional applicant. We are talking of numbers like ‘350 applicants for 5 spots’ or ‘100 applicants for 3 spots’. I may be tempted to say to myself, “Why bother? With numbers like that and the highly competitive applicant pool, the odds of getting in are slim.” While on the surface this may seem true, how can I really know unless I try? The worst thing that can happen is I don’t get in. But the best that can happen is an acceptance and me living out my dream. This applies to any venture you may be considering that does not seem attainable but you know deep down you just have to pursue it!

One of my brothers shared a verse in the book of Jeremiah with me the other day that encouraged me to really visualize my dream being accomplished. In God’s call to Jeremiah, God says “What do you see Jeremiah?” Jeremiah responds, “I see the branch of an almond tree” (Jeremiah 1:11). God then responds, “You have seen correctly for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled…” (Jeremiah 1:12)….”Get yourself ready! Stand up…” (Jeremiah 1:17).  It was only when Jeremiah saw and embraced his potential future, that he went on to become one of the greatest prophets of that time.

Even though the odds of me getting into medical school may not seem great from looking at the numbers, I really envision myself as a doctor, I see it happening and I am reaching for it with all my strength. I cannot let seemingly insurmountable odds deter me. I have submitted by medical school applications anyway, and no matter the outcome, I will have no regrets because I know that I have given this my best shot.

So even when it does not seem feasible to do something, even when it seems to defy logic, if you really want to achieve something, give it your best shot and see what happens!

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

15 thoughts on “Even When the Numbers Don’t Add Up…Go for It!

  1. What a great post! There is always the choice to play it safe, but you have bravely chosen to enter the arena and are approaching this process in such a thoughtful and mature way. My little sister is all grown up (sniff!)

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  2. Thank you for this blog. I am much encouraged as some days my heart grows weary with all the MCAT studying and memorization but then God reminds me not to not faint and keep moving despite the difficulties and the odds! He is my waymaker….

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    • Thank you for your comment! I know how you feel! Studying for the MCAT is a marathon! You can do it. God will give you the strength you need. All the best! 🙂


  3. Thanks for such an inspiring post you are really very talented. I also apply to study engineering in some of the best Universities of Uk and sometimes I feel a little bit afraid due to the numbers of people who enter there but as long as faith is with me I hope to embrace the destiny he seeks for me.

    Please try to check my blog debyoncelife.wordpress.com

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    • That’s wonderful! Thanks so much for being a consistent reader! I’ve been enjoying reading your blog too. If I am invited for a med school interview, this will be in November, Feb or March, depending on the university. Acceptances will be announced in March, April or May depending on the university. It’s a long process so I have to be patient! Thanks so much for your good wishes. It’s really appreciated! 🙂

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