Confront Your Fears…and Reach for the Sky!

When I first considered going to medical school 10 years ago, I had no idea that it would take this long to finally be at the point of applying. Unexpected life circumstances and uncertainties contributed to the delay but I am thrilled to be finally putting all my effort towards making this dream become a reality. Yesterday, I took the exciting step of submitting my medical school applications! My husband was right next to me as I hit the “submit” button and we did a little happy dance after.

When my research career took off and I had a great position as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, it was tempting to stick with it. The pay was quite good and I had decent benefits. Why give up a life of stability to go back to school and have less income while studying? I had fears of upsetting our steady lifestyle, of not contributing as much towards my retirement savings, of not paying the mortgage down as fast, if I gave up my research career and went back to school to pursue medicine.

Even though I had a stimulating research career, I knew that I couldn’t stay where I was. I knew there was something more I was meant to do, and it would mean sacrificing certain things, getting over my fears and taking a step of faith. So here we are at the point of possibly turning our lives in a completely different direction and it’s scary. There are so many unknowns. But it’s also exhilarating to know that at this time next year, I may be preparing to start medical school.

Fear can stop us from achieving our true potential. Confront your fears! It doesn’t mean the ride will be smooth but it will be worth your effort to be where you are truly meant to be. Push yourself a little harder, don’t look back and see what great things you can accomplish!

Our son Caleb reaching for a white lion at Parc Safari, Quebec.

Our son Caleb reaching for a white lion at Parc Safari, Quebec.

12 thoughts on “Confront Your Fears…and Reach for the Sky!

  1. Caleb is the cutest ❤️

    Keep going.. I know you will be an amazing doctor.

    In my own experiences when I am about to do something I’m fearful of…. I remind myself how BRAVE I am about to be ❤️

    You too are so very BRAVE ❤️

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  2. I think it’s pretty awesome that you had the dedication to stay the course and are now ready to apply! It’s definitely a tough battle, combating your fears, but when you triumph over those fears it really does feel exhilarating. 🙂 Good luck on the MCAT!!

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  3. Hi Malaika,

    I’ve read a few of your blogs, after our picnic. You are an incredible woman, I have to say. I have no doubt you will add becoming a Doctor to the rest of your very long list of achievements.
    Best of luck!


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  4. You are spot on Malaika! Congratulations on submitting your application. You are right about staying on the path of neutral, but knowing there is something more. When we make adjustments, it may be uncomfortable for a while, but we all have greater purposes than we could ever imagine! I’m really excited for you and your upcoming journey. It’s very clear that you will do amazing things and help many people in your future endeavors. Love that picture of your son too!

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