Mother-daughter Bonding Time and Medical School Applications Begin!

Mother-daughter Bonding Time and Medical School Applications Begin!

Today was a lovely sunny day spending some one-on-one time with my daughter Naomi. It’s rare that I have just one kid with me at a time! She had her 18-month doctor’s check up and she is developing beautifully! Her language development is apparently at the level of a 2-year old so that’s great! This is how our son Caleb was at that age. The kids must get their predilection for languages from their daddy. We thank God that we have healthy kids, something we sometimes take for granted.

A visit to the kids’ pediatrician is something I look forward to not only because I get updates on how the kids are doing physically and mentally but also because their doctor is really passionate about what she does. Every time I come out of her office, I am starry eyed with my vision to pursue medicine. She is the perfect example of someone who really cares for her patients and takes her time to go through the examination. She was so enthusiastic today to hear how much Naomi is talking and understanding. You almost feel like your child is the only child she sees that day. She lights up when you enter the room! I told her about my recent medical school plans and she was excited and gave me much appreciated pearls of wisdom.

Today was also a great day because the new application cycle for medical school has opened in parts of the country! It is becoming more and more real to me that I am actually applying to medical school! I did apply once before to one local university in 2012 but was waitlisted after my interview. Even though I was disappointed that I did not get into medical school at that time and I went through cycles of ups and downs wanting to give up, I can see now looking back that it was the best outcome. Had I gotten in at that time, we would not have our precious daughter Naomi here with us today and I just can’t imagine life without her! I also feel much more prepared this time round to give it my all for the applications, widening my scope to other provinces in Canada and possibly even other countries. The previous application experience gave me a taste of what the process and medical school interviews are like so even though I did not get in at the time, it was not a waste in any way and I learned a lot from the experience.

So I’m feeling very positive and excited about applying to medical school! My MCAT studying is going very well and I feel confident about tackling the MCAT in just a few short weeks (August 5th!). Please say a little prayer for me on that day!

application photo
Image courtesy of Memorial University website

11 thoughts on “Mother-daughter Bonding Time and Medical School Applications Begin!

  1. Great to hear that Namz had a great appointment and that even in this challenging age of medicine, your pediatrician demonstrated enthusiasm for her job! Also, congrats on reaching the stage of preparing to apply. We’re proud of you and will say a prayer for MKATE on August 5th!

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      1. Yes I go to MUN, and although I’m biased I think it’s a great school 🙂 And MUN is a pretty user friendly application – I liked it more than doing OMSAS! If you have any questions about it feel free to ask!

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        1. That’s awesome! I have heard good things about MUN…and St. John’s seems like a lovely place to live. Yes, I have found the online application for MUN to be user-friendly and professional so that’s great! I will start on OMSAS when it opens in a few weeks. I will certainly contact you with questions. Thanks for the offer! 🙂


  2. Your passion & determination reminds me of my own academic journey in a way. I didn’t get into medical school right away because I was told point blank that it wasn’t an option for me & they kept suggesting alternatives for a few years! I was one of the smartest ones with honors but discrimination ruled. I persisted & never stopped praying so it happened in the most beautiful way ever: I’m attending where my family is, my greatest support system! I’m already living parts of my dream. We sure can’t control time but given effort and patience, all that’s meant for us will occur. Wishing you success in all your life projects! God bless you & your lovely family. Happy Sunday!

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    1. Wow! That’s an amazing story Yadei! Thanks for sharing! Experiences like yours really inspire me and I’m so glad that you are living your dream! Thanks for the good wishes and blessings! Happy Sunday! 🙂

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