The Best Time of Day

The Best Time of Day

Last night as I was putting my 18-month old daughter down to sleep, I just loved how she looked up at me with her big, brown eyes and impish smile. I closed the door of her bedroom and as I tip-toed away, I could hear her chatting to her ‘friends’, a random collection of stuffed animals that travel with her almost everywhere in the house.

Bedtime is one of the best times of the day for me. It’s such a peaceful time when I get to cuddle with both of my children, read to them and just unwind from the day. My other favorite times of the day inevitably involve my family:

  • When my son sneaks into our bed in the morning and snuggles under the blankets with us
  • When my husband comes home from work
  • When the kids are splashing around in the bath tub, making up silly games
  • When my son tries to ‘help’ me with the cooking or housework
  • When we pick up the kids from somewhere and they run to us with such glee (well, maybe I should say ‘run to me‘, my husband has resigned himself to being the ‘cardboard’ parent for now who is sometimes ignored!)
  • When the kids try to pronounce a word and it comes out wrong, but it’s just so cute that we don’t want to correct it (“taypo” for potato and “gojit” for yoghurt).
  • When my son gets excited because we’re going to the library or the video store (he’s so easy to please, glad he hasn’t noticed that we haven’t yet been on vacation this year)
  • Watching the kids get so much fun out of jumping on the bed
  • Watching “Hot Fuzz” with hubby, our all-time favorite movie from which we can quote most of the lines after watching it so many times!

Thank you to my hubby and kids for making up some of the best times of my day!

Brother-sister love
Brother-sister love!

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