Sunday Morning Gratitude

Sunday Morning Gratitude

Some days as a mum can be challenging, be it teething toddlers or defiant preschoolers testing their boundaries. We don’t always know what to do when our children are feeling unwell or are misbehaving. Sunday mornings can be particularly frustrating in our household as we try to get out the door on time to make it to church. One of the kids usually manages to sabotage our attempts to be punctual! These are not major issues by any means but it can certainly leave one feeling a little flustered sometimes.

What I have found helps me get through those frustrating days is to look through my gratitude journal that I started a few months ago and remind myself of the really great things in my life. I also make sure to add one or two new things to the journal that day just to get me in a more grateful, outward-focused frame of mind rather than dwelling on my frustrations.

Here are a few items that I’m grateful for this week:

  • I’m grateful for my husband’s hilarious sense of humor that has me in stitches even after 8 years of marriage. He is my very best friend, he totally understands me and is one of the most patient people I know. I’m so grateful for the fun we have and even though we are not in a position to travel much these days, I really just enjoy his company and simple things like watching a thriller while curled up on the couch eating popcorn.
  • I’m grateful for my children’s smiles, laughter in all corners of the house, the funny things they say and the bond that is growing between them. Even though they fight over toys and annoy each other, they love each other to bits! My favorite part of the day with them is cuddling at bedtime and hearing my son recount the day’s events.
  • I’m grateful to live in a safe country with so many resources particularly after having grown up in a developing country. Whenever I make an appointment with my children’s pediatrician and they have their vaccinations done for free, I really feel blessed to be in a country where this is possible and my children’s health is well taken care of.

So if you’re having a frustrating day, whip out a piece of paper and jot down some gratitude items or perhaps find a quiet spot where you can reflect on the good things in your life. Have a blessed Sunday!

Image courtesy of LauraKristina at
Image courtesy of LauraKristina at

6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Gratitude

  1. I absolutely loved this!!! Your attitude is so inspiring. I like to approach the “gratitude list” too! It resets my frame of mind. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflection. It sounds like you have a lot of love in your life!!! 🙂

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