Putting in the Effort…The Power of the Perfect Clothesline

It must be something about the perfect 90 degree angle where the clothesline meets the post. Or the fact that the clothesline is now serving a purpose other than a lookout point for the neighbourhood birds.

The clothesline in our backyard after hubby's hard work!
The clothesline in our backyard after hubby’s hard work. No more leaning post thank you very much!

Whatever the case may be, I was very grateful to my husband this past week for spending 2 hours in the hot sun trying to mend the clothesline in our backyard. I’m a big fan of hang-drying clothes so I was thrilled to have it back in working order!

The line itself (which had been temporarily lying on the ground during the past winter) came to an unfortunate demise when it got run over by the lawn mower, shortening its length by a few feet. My husband scouted the backyard looking for another point to attach the line now that it was too short to reach it’s previous attachment. He found the perfect spot on the gazebo however the line continued to sag almost to the ground and the post leaned precariously to one side. Not to be deterred, hubby decided to dismantle the entire clothesline including the post. When I saw all sorts of tools, saws and screws coming out of the garage, I knew he meant serious business! So two hours later, I had a perfectly working clothesline (thank you hubby!).

The story of the clothesline reminded me about how I sometimes look at life. The line used to sag, the post used to lean, and we would give the post a push here and a pull there to try and get it to stand up straight. But after a few loads of laundry, it would inevitably be back to its pitiful leaning, sagging self. The only way to get it to work properly was to rebuild it from the ground up. It took time and effort but the results were infinitely better than the short cuts we had taken previously.

There are no shortcuts in life. You get back what you put in. When tempted to take the easy route in life, think about the possible end result and whether you would be satisfied with it. Not everything we undertake has to be difficult but when a task or project does prove challenging, the appropriate amount of effort and hard work will help us achieve our goals with lasting results!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

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