The Funny Things That Kids Say

Kids say the funniest things. They are so innocent and have a such a fresh way of viewing the world. Things that have long since become boring and mundane to adults still hold a spark of excitement in the eye of a child and it truly is refreshing to be in the company of children.

My son Caleb who is almost 4 years old has a great sense of humor and he is constantly making us laugh so I thought I would share some of the hilarious and heartwarming things he has said:

  • The Art of Negotiation: Mummy, I can’t eat my carrots because they’re too orange!”
  • Deep Thoughts on Pain: When Caleb had a tummy ache, “Let’s go to the water park so we can wash the hurt away”
  • Questions in Anatomy: Caleb asks, “Mummy, where’s your ‘wee-wee’?” Mummy responds, “I don’t have one”  Caleb says, “Then where does the pee come out?” Blank stare from mummy….
  • Early Signs of Compassion: Caleb sees daddy peeling carrots and shouts, “Stop daddy! You’re hurting the carrots!”
  • Brother-sister love: “My very best friend in the whole wide world is my baby sister”
  • On the Subject of Daddy: “Daddy’s not a boy. Daddy’s not a man. Daddy’s a daddy!”
  • Lessons in Biology: “Granny can’t be a mummy because she doesn’t have any little boys” (in reference to my mother-in-law)
  • A Child’s Simple Trust: “When I’m scared, God will keep me safe like mummy and daddy do”
  • Melt-worthy Material: “I like hugs and kisses!”
  • Logical Thinking: After a particularly rambunctious day and the house in a complete mess, mummy says, “You kids have turned the house upside-down!” Caleb responds, “That’s not possible, mummy. The floor is too big and it’s stuck to the ground”
  • Culinary Tastes: “Where are my squashed potatoes, mummy?” (Instead of ‘mashed’ potatoes)
  • On the Subject of Father’s Day: “If there’s Father’s Day, is there also Boy’s day?”

Keep smiling!

Caleb, almost 4 years old, playing with home-made bubbles in the backyard
Caleb, almost 4 years old, playing with home-made bubbles in the backyard
Caleb playing with his little sister Naomi (almost 1.5 years old) on the deck.
Caleb playing with his little sister Naomi (almost 1.5 years old) on the deck.
DSC01293 (Copy)
Caleb riding a horse for the first time

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