Save The Mothers……An Enlightening Conversation

Today was the last session of the ‘Women’s Morning Out’ at my church where we had some invigorating exercise. Since it was the last session of the season, we went all-out bringing a plethora of delicacies to enjoy post-workout. We then had fellowship time where we chatted and prayed for each other for the coming year. I finally announced my recent med school plans to the ladies and they were so supportive! It’s always such a blessing to be surrounded by these ladies.

Following prayer-time, I had an interesting discussion with one of my friends who leads the exercise class. She told me about an international organization called Save the Mothers that focuses on improving the health of mothers and babies, particularly in regards to safe child-birth. As my friend described the organization, I could feel a tingling sensation all over my body and I could feel the excitement rising through me. The health of women, especially pregnant women, is an area that has been so close to my heart particularly following my miscarriage in 2010. To have then delivered two healthy, bouncing babies in the years to follow, surrounded by expert care here in Canada made me so appreciative of the resources we have in the developed world.

Delivering my babies was a life-changing, joyous, unforgettable experience and I feel strongly called to assisting other mothers to bring their little ones into the world with dignity. All mothers deserve access to the appropriate care that makes childbirth the best experience it can be and that maximizes the chances of survival for both mother and baby. Survival during pregnancy or childbirth is not something we often think about here in the West but some of the global statistics are staggering. The World Health Organization reports that approximately 800 maternal deaths occur daily from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, with 99% of these deaths occurring in developing countries. Many of these deaths occur from severe bleeding and infection, and could have been prevented. This is mind-blowing!

I still have a long road to becoming a doctor but it is conversations like these about the plight of others that strengthens my resolve to keep on trudging through, with the knowledge that I can and will make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Save The Mothers……An Enlightening Conversation

  1. Thanks baby I love what your sharing coz my heart is so close to this area as you know. I think we will work together one day in one way or another., so lets stay close. Hugs mumms

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