MCAT Update

I have decided that I will maintain an informal study plan of reading some MCAT material every day (at least 30 minutes) until I get closer to a potential exam date. I obtained a copy of the new edition of ExamKrackers (9th edition) and I’m really enjoying the easy, comical flow of the material. I am appreciative of the author’s efforts to draw parallels to how the material will be useful in medical school and as a physician. So far, I am finding the Psychology and Sociology sections extremely interesting and I’ve been performing well on the sample exam questions. I am also finding that the recent modification to the MCAT to include more research methods and statistics is right up my alley. I use research tools in my job as a scientist all the time and so I am finding this intuitive for me. I still have to master the verbal reasoning section (now known as “critical analysis and reasoning skills”) but I’m sure with a lot of practice, I can excel! My overall approach this time will involve a lot more practice questions (including under timed conditions) and I am also aiming to have a positive, confident approach towards the exam. I can beat this!!

Tell me what you think!

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