Today as I was having a walk outside with my daughter, I heard the very welcome and familiar sound of the Canadian Geese migrating back to Canada after a long, bitter winter. Their customary “V” formation never ceases to amaze me and the beautiful sound of their voices reminds me that the cold will soon dissipate and the warm weather will be upon us. As my daughter and I meandered around the streets not far from our house, I enjoyed seeing people come out of “hibernation”. Children were playing and laughing outside, adults were unpacking their garages, while others were promptly packing up their cars with summer tires, ready to go remove their winter tires as soon as possible. As I looked at all these people, my mind came back to the true importance of today. The day we remember Jesus being crucified on a cross for our forgiveness.Thank you God for the ultimate sacrifice for us and for your loving grace towards us no matter our weaknesses or faults.

“Jesus said “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit” John 19:28.

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