It’s Spring!

Family on the deck

Hubby and the kids finally getting to go out on the deck following the spring melt

It’s been a beautiful sunny day here, with clear blue skies and “balmy” -3C temperatures! I took my baby girl for a walk along one of our favorite paths that we have not been on since the Fall (except for a few spontaneous sled rides in the winter when the road was passable). It felt great to commune with nature and pray, even with the cow smells exuding from the neighboring farms! It also allowed me to reflect on some great conversations I have had with two of my brothers and my mother in the last few days about my dream to pursue medicine. They reminded me that despite the fears I may have of taking the plunge with medicine, it is God’s grace that will strengthen me and allow me to succeed. I realized that I have been trying to control every aspect of my life, often subconsciously. I needed to know the outcome from A to Z with no unknowns in the middle. But of course, that’s not possible and the only way to go through life without being paralyzed by fear is to trust in God and his infinite goodness. Whereas my view of life is linear, God has the aerial perspective and already knows exactly how this story will unfold. I feel so liberated knowing this! And I am excited for what the future holds!

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring!

  1. Who better to trust than the great physician Himself. He knows where you are right now and where you need to be, just lay it at His feet and wait patiently for His guidance, He will give you the desires of your heart.


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