The New MCAT


The MCAT…..My Mount Everest….The Bible does say that God can move mountains… I’m confident he can move my Mount Everest!

I had been hoping to sit the old version of the MCAT but now that I have listened to a few lectures from the updated MCAT on Khan Academy, I am finding some of the new material (like Psychology) fascinating! This is totally new to me so it’s quite refreshing. I am also encouraged that there will be more Biochemistry on the new exam since that is what my undergraduate degree was in (granted, I am a bit rusty on some of the subject matter….map kinase kinase kinase….what?). So although there’s all this new material to learn and the updated exam is almost twice as long as the old one, I feel good about studying for it and sitting it (my hubby says I am in my element when I’m studying!) . This is like a new chapter in my quest to conquer the MCAT (can’t believe I first sat the paper based version way back in 2005!). So, with the MCAT’s new grading scale, new content titles and revised topics, I almost feel like I’m preparing for a whole different exam (and I won’t ever have to say “oh, look, I got another 9 on VR”. Instead, I’ll be aiming for something above a score of 127!!). I also found out that some universities are no longer accepting the old version of the MCAT or will only accept it for the next 1 to 2 years so I’m grateful that I did not sit the old version. We contemplated me “battening down the hatches” and doing it before going back to work in June of this year but that may be a little tight and also I would be a guinea pig doing one of the first few sittings of the new exam. May be better to wait until they have worked out any bugs in the exam and have made available more practice exams for the new version.

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