Back On The Table

Back On The Table

2015 has gotten off to a great start with me enjoying lots of cuddle time with the kids now that I have extended my maternity leave until June. What a  blessing to live in a country that is so generous! I have started swimming regularly again (after a very long hiatus) so I try to be at the pool at least once a week. I have even ventured out in -30 C winter weather on slippery roads to get to the pool. It’s been refreshing and energizing! Dear daughter is at daycare once a week for now and things are generally going really well. Dear son loves her being there with him and he is very protective of her. I’m starting to feel less anxious about leaving her there, particularly now that she is walking and down to one nap. Plus I’m comforted by the fact that it’s a great daycare, she is with her big brother and is being exposed to the French language there. I’m starting to feel more positive about returning to work and have had some good, frank conversations with my boss. I learned big lessons last year about burn-out and will certainly be cautious about my workload when I return.

Now, on to the main reason of this post which is to announce that ………(wait for it!)

Med school is back on the table!

Yup! You heard me, the dream is still alive! I had an amazing, impromptu conversation with hubby yesterday and he logically walked me through all my concerns, having very good responses for each of them. We’ve discussed all these issues many times before of course, but somehow he explained things in a way that I hadn’t thought about before. I also realized that I simply need to trust God for everything. I may be afraid  of uprooting the family or of being away from them too much, but I also know that if med school is God’s will for me, then He will give us the grace and perseverance to do it, and he will preserve the strength and dignity of our family in the process. I love how my husband put it: This will be an adventure for our whole family!

So, I’m really excited (again!). I have been missing studying and realize I get a lot of satisfaction out of learning. When I think back to my childhood and some of the things that made me happy, it was when I was in school learning! I just have to trust God that He has charge over my family and whatever adventures we embark on, we will emerge closer and stronger than ever before!

Tell me what you think!

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