Big Change of Plans!

Big Change of Plans!

Well friends and family, as many of you now know, I just made the very difficult decision to no longer pursue medicine, at least not in the immediate future.
You all know how this has been such a dilemma for me over the years and as excited as I was at the thought of a career in medicine, I struggled with the idea of spending that much time away from my family (during med school and residency). I feel so drawn to and derive so much joy from taking care of my children and husband, despite the challenges. We have come to really love the church and community we live in. We really think it is a wonderful place for the kids to grow up in.
This whole med school journey has not been a waste. To the contrary, it has allowed me to grow in so many ways, to distinguish my likes and dislikes more clearly, and to really establish what my priorities in life are.
It does not mean medicine will never happen for me. It just means I have chosen to focus on my family for now. I just have to go through the “grieving” process of letting medicine go for now. I am not sure exactly what the future holds for me career-wise but I know God has us securely in the palms of his hands and that all will be well.

Tell me what you think!

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