Mercy and Grace

This week, I have been reminded about the concepts of mercy and grace. For instance, my husband and I graciously accepting the fact that our toddler woke up at 5:30am the one morning that the baby decided to sleep in till 7:30am (conspiracy anyone?). Or having mercy on the cat the night my husband leisurely walked into a puddle of cat pee during a midnight bathroom break. But on a serious note, I have been reading an interesting book on grace and how God loves us no matter what we do (or what we don’t do!). In other words, there’s no impressing God! He loves us automatically, no questions asked. It hit me that I often try to do things to be right with God. Did I read my bible for long enough today? Did I pray in the correct format? Did I sing the most appropriate songs? Was I kind to somebody today? Was I generous? These are all great things of course, but I realized that these should come naturally from having a close relationship with God as his Spirit works in me. They shouldn’t be things that I force myself to do or that I have to check off on a list. I realize just how much mercy and grace he extends to us each day and how free I am to then do the right things because he has given me that choice. My priority then is simply to rest in him so that I may get to know him and learn to depend on him. When you love someone, don’t you try your very best to spend time with that person and get to know them? In the same way, if I love God, I need to spend time with him. I am to love him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. There is no strict rule about how I need to spend time with God. He is everywhere so I just need to be conscious of his presence. I often feel guilty for messing up and it dawned on me that we can never really measure up. It’s only because of God’s mercy and grace that he continues to put up with our failings, a love so unconditional, nothing can contain it. So the next time I groan at the pitter patter of little feet into my bedroom at 5:30am or I get mad at the cat for peeing on the bathroom floor yet again, let me be reminded to have a little mercy and grace, just as God does towards me, each and every day.

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