On those days when I wonder whether I can really make it into medical school, I reflect on how far God has brought me and I gain reassurance that if this is His will for me, it will all work out accordingly. I got my driver’s license later in life (in my late 20s) and I remember feeling overwhelmed as I was taking my driving lessons, thinking how could I ever master a moving vehicle? But three driving tests later, I finally got my license and driving has become as easy as riding a bike (although I still cringe when I have to parallel park!). Then there was the time when my husband and I were trying to start a family and I wondered if I would ever be able to have a baby since I had endometriosis and had miscarried once already. But here we are with two adorable children who I sometimes just stare at in amazement, contemplating how blessed I am to have received these beautiful gifts from God. So in my mind, getting into medical school may seem like an insurmountable task (like my driving and having a baby) but if God can get me through other seemingly difficult situations, I know he can do it again!

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