MCAT Quandary

It’s official! I’m registered for the MCAT! I plan to sit it in January 2015. This will be my third (and hopefully final!) attempt. I had initially registered to sit it in October 2014 but somehow my kids kept me busier than I thought they would so my studying went to the wayside for a while. I then found myself in a quandary about whether to sit the old or the new MCAT version (given that I’m not entirely sure exactly what year I will reapply to med school). Since I am still on maternity leave and my daughter will be transitioning to daycare for an hour or two each week starting in September, I figure that sitting the MCAT before I return to work in January 2015 would be ideal! I have my study desk all set up in the basement so come September I will be hitting the books again. I got a 28 on my last attempt of the MCAT. This time I am aiming for at least a 34 with 12s in bio and physical sciences and a 10 in verbal reasoning. I plan to stick these target scores right on the wall near my study desk so I can visualize MCAT victory!!

Tell me what you think!

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